Data sync fails with a Distributed Minio Server as DataSource

Data sync fails with a Distributed Minio Server as DataSource

Pydio Cells version : Pydio Cells Home Edition 1.2.5
Minio version : /minio:RELEASE.2019-01-16T21-44-08Z

Pydio and Minio runs under Docker in swarm mode in the same Data Center.

Minio uses 4 nodes.
Pydio uses 1 node with a dedicted Mysql Server.

The initial error is :

Error: {“id”:“go.micro.client”,“code”:408,“detail”:“context deadline exceeded”,“status”:“Request Timeout”}

I try to reindex and got the following error :

Error: {“id”:“go.micro.client”,“code”:500,“detail”:“none available”,“status”:“Internal Server Error”}

The index is partial : I can see .pydio files on the S3 storage and records in the SQL tables.

I can browse folders and files but some items are missing.

I use a hash structure to get 100 items max in folders with 6 depth levels. The folders name begin from 0 to 99. No special chars

There is a repeated error in Minio server logs :

S3_minio2.1.06svlo9jthql@scaleway2 | Time: 21:25:16 UTC 01/22/2019
S3_minio2.1.06svlo9jthql@scaleway2 | Error: malformed HTTP request from ‘’
S3_minio2.1.06svlo9jthql@scaleway2 | remoteAddr=, localAddr=
S3_minio2.1.06svlo9jthql@scaleway2 | 1: cmd/http/listener.go:278:http.(*httpListener).start.func2()

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i will try to reproduce your setup with docker swarm and look at the behavior.


I can give you access to the distributed Minio instance (direct access - no proxy).

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