Not possible to have elasticsearch without lucene? " : Could not find action index"

Community version 8.0.2. Problem same with 7.0.1 -> 7.0.4 as well.

If I disable Lucene on a workspace or altogether (plugin), then I cannot trigger indexing through commandline.

I get something like this:

Current User is ‘admin’

Applying action ‘index’ on workspace Shared Files (eb1e1e010d1a42b390ffdcf3085320ea)
: Could not find action index

The only way I can get ElasticSearch to start indexing, is if I also have Lucene enabled, and then I can see that Lucene is building up its indexes in the /usr/share/pydio/data/cache/indexes directory…

Is this expected behaviour?


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Also, now, since upgrading to 8.0.2, I am stuck in a mess where I can only add Lucene or Elastic to the workspace, but when I try to remove Elastic, it half-removes it, but says on screen saying ‘ElasticSearch host: this field cannot be left empty’. So I cannot remove Elastic, and I cannot add Lucene while Elastic is on.

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I’m not sure if this is correct, but after a day of nearly baseball-batting my computer screens, I have reverted my backup and am on 7.0.4 again, and I have tried to figure out where the ‘action: index’ comes from.

I found that plugins/core.index/manifest.xml says:

    <activePlugin pluginName="index.lucene|meta.syncable"/>

So I have changed it to say:

    <activePlugin pluginName="index.lucene|index.elasticsearch|meta.syncable"/>

and I think it works now…

I just checked on github though ( ) and my modification is not standard.

Am I totally making a mess, or has this been overlooked for some time ?

Lucene should be enabled because of Elasticsearch uses Lucene under the hood to handle the indexing and querying on the shard level, the files in the data directory are written by both Elasticsearch and Lucene. Lucene is responsible for writing and maintaining the Lucene index files while Elasticsearch writes metadata related to features on top of Lucene, such as field mappings, index settings and other cluster metadata – end user and supporting features that do not exist in the low-level Lucene but are provided by Elasticsearch.

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