Enable ElasticSearch using Indexing plugin on Pydio 8.x

I have a Pydio 8.2 instance on Ubuntu 16.x and I am trying to enable ElasticSearch indexing. I found an ElasticSearch plugin in the Indexing plugins and am following the docs provided with that plugin.

I checked the Elastica version in /usr/share/pydio/plugins/index.elasticsearch/composer.json, and it is 5.3, so I think that means I should use ElasticSearch 5.3. The docs say this requires Java JDK 1.8, so I install openjdk8. I downloaded ElasticSearch 5.3 and ran bin/elasticsearch and have ElasticSearch 5.3 running.

Elastica is included in the plugin’s composer.json, and per Pydio docs I copied lib/Elastica from the Elastical zip file to /usr/share/pydio/plugins/index.elasticsearch/ and there is now a folder at /usr/share/pydio/plugins/index.elasticsearch/Elastica.

In plugins, I disabled the Lucene plugin and enabled the ElasticSearch plugin. I went to a repository and selected More -> Index Content. An alert pops up saying it is indexing content in the background. However my ElasticSearch process isn’t logging anything so far as I can see, and if I search I get no search results. I’m not sure where to get more detailed logs about the indexing.


open config of workspace Settings >> Workspace >> Open workspace >> Add/Remove feature >> Add Elasticsearch