Network error when connecting

OS: Windows
Cells Client: v0.9.2
Pydio Client: ? (newest)
Server OS: don’t know (webserver is nginx according to whatruns)
Server Version: 6.0.2
Connection issue

I would like to connect to my school’s Kopano server. However, in Cells Sync I always get the error “network error” when I click on username. In PydioSync I get the error “Server not found (404), is it up and has it Pydio installed ?”. But on my iPad and my Android smartphone I can connect without any problems.
How can that be?

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Hello @silas_229 and welcome,

From the info that you provided

If i’m not wrong you are using Pydio 6 and not Pydio Cells therefore cells-sync will not work for your case, you should either install Pydio Cells or else try with pydio-sync
Unfortunately I am not sure if pydio-sync works with pydio 6.

I have tried both cells and the old software. Both did not work.
With the Cells apps for iPad and Android it worked right away.

Hi everyone. I haven’t found the solution on google. So I came here for it. And I still don’t know what to do.
I have employee monitoring software installed and it has access to all data and other processes. (in case this info helps somehow)