LDAP search in user interface

Dear Community,
After upgrading Pydio from 8.2.3 to 8.2.5, we have noticed an issue with LDAP search in user dashboard interface.
LDAP Authentication Configuration (admin console) works perfect, you can test every user from pointed OU (Could connect to the server, and could find the specified user inside the directory), but when you switch to user interface -> create new folder -> choose share -> and then you try to find f.ex. User1 (which you checked before in admin console), you don’t get any result (blank result).
When we rollback to 8.2.3 (snapshot) everything works as its should.

Anybody of you occurred such an issue?

Infrastructure: Debian 9 / PHP 7.2 / Apache


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I believe we are experiencing the same issue. We can see users in admin interface and log in with those users but the address book does not have those users and neither does the share tab.

We can however share with local (db auth) users.


Exactly as you describe we are experiencing the same on our two Pydio servers :-/
I’m wondering if somebody gets a clue…


Anyone find a solution?

Fix is available on the github issue I raised. https://github.com/pydio/pydio-core/commit/31cb4fe1d3533f6b26f9a2719c38dbbdd684ff7f

Tested. I can confirmed that it is fixed