Is Pydio still the best solution for us?

I’ve recently started work at a University. The previous tech team didn’t leave a whole lot of documentation, and from what I can see they were skilled, knew their environment, and somewhat dangerously unhinged.

I’m left with an EOL system running Pydio 6.0.8. I gather trying to upgrade it is more trouble than it’s worth from what I’ve seen here so far. What I want to know is whether it’s worth investigating a fresh install of the latest and greatest, or whether it’s not really the right solution any more. I’ve been leaning towards the latter, but bear in mind my experience of the platform is pretty much non-existent.

The purpose of this machine is to serve home directories over the web. There’s an EMC Isilon backend where the homes live, and this pydio server that serves them up via a web interface after the users have logged in via LDAP and the machine has mounted their home via NFS. They can browse, upload, download, create new directories and all that nonsense in their web browsers. It seems simple, but my attempts at digging into the configuration suggest that it’s anything but.

So I ask you this: Is Pydio still a good solution for this need? What would I be better off looking at if not? I got the sense that modern Pydio is massive overkill for this, but I also don’t have any better suggestions.

Hello @Chz

Thanks for posting and asking the question in a “naive” approach. You are totally right to ask, and actually, the current answer is definitely NO.
We have dropped support for dynamically mounting NFS (or SMB) home directories since we moved away from Pydio PHP, as it was adding a huge overkill to the new storage model, and we could not find a “CRISP” (Correct, Readable, Idiomatic, Simple, Performant) way of coding that feature back inside Pydio Cells yet.
So as of now, you should definitely drop Pydio 6 as it’s old and not maintained and probably not secured anymore. Believe me I feel sorry to have to tell you that :wink:


Thank-you for that.
I’ve been tied down doing a hundred other things and really haven’t had the time to look into it further. You’ve at least let me cross a newer version of Pydio off the list and get on with looking at other approaches.

It’s much appreciated and have a lovely holiday season.

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