Help installing Pydio Cells on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi, I’m trying to install Pydio Cells - Community on a new Ubuntu 16.04 server.

The only package I have installed on the machine is SSH, and I have configured a static IP address. The server works from behind a network router that has a static address as well.

What dependencies besides mariadb and php + packages do I need?

The database and php-fpm will use default TCP sockets, and I do not plan to create a dedicated user for the installation.

Pydio Cells will listen to Port 8080…should this be on router IP, local IP, localhost, or

I have SSL, but do not plan to link it during initial setup.

Errors I, at different times, have encountered so far:
-TLS handshake does not look like handshake
-404 site not served at this interface
-could not locate static web resources


you need the following packages php-cli php-fpm php-intl php-gd php-dom php-curl.

There is all the details on our admin guide

Just curious, when you say static IP address do you mean an Outside World IP address?

So now on a separate computer within the network, when I enter in browser RouterIP:8080, I receive 404 Site RouterIP:8080 is not served on this interface. Entering ServerIP:8080, I receive File not found.

At start I have this warning:

Warning, could not find static directory for web resources id/auth/web - Only API and GRPC accesses will be available

After some time, pydio.grpc.tasks shows error:

{“id”:"",“code”:0,“detail”:“sql: Scan error on column index 0: converting driver.Value type \u003cnil\u003e (”\u003cnil\u003e") to a uint64: invalid syntax",“status”:""}

Hi thanks for asking,

for the server, by static IP address I am referring to the inet addr in ifconfig.

Should I be binding to this address and attempting to connect to it through the browser? I bound to the router address and then port-forwarded to the server.

To be honest I think your issue might be the same we are seeing in this discussion.

I see. Thanks again for your response.

I reinstalled and set the following:

Bind & External:
Router set to forward port 8080 to

Entering either the routerIP:8080 displays the following:
host - 404 Site is not served on this interface
server - [routerIP:8080] - No such site at :8080 (Remote: myIP)

Pydio Cells is its own webserver and I should expect to see some pydio related screen when I connect right?

to give you an example, lets say i have a ubuntu server on ip, i install pydio cells on it (./cells install)
for the ip configuration most of the case i would use the same so internal ip i would put or : 8080, etc…) and then for the external ip ( for my cases ) i also put same as above) and then i finish the install and you should have access to it.

I gave an example with a static ip.

The best way to give it access to the world would be using a reverse proxy for example

Ok thank you.
I completed the installation and setup as you have suggested, my server ip is and I assign pydio to port 8080 during installation. Browser should connect me through correct? I receive “File not found.” Server is reachable by ssh.

Also, do I need to be concerned with message:
“Warning, could not find static directory for web resources id/auth/web - Only API and GRPC accesses will be available”
I have set up apache to reverses proxy for pydio cells, now all I get is 503 Service Unavailable or 404 Site Not Served. I believe I have the connections correct, but the application is not returning the web data for some reason.
I reinstalled pydio cells, this time through the browser method. I was able to connect to the internal ip from another network computer to complete the installation. At the end, I refreshed and got File not found. I connected to the external (router) ip and got:
[INFO] 67.x.x.x - No such site at :8080 (Remote: 108.x.x.x, Referer: )
Where 67 is router ip and 108 is remote computer

Cant find those php requirements on the link provided. Has that changed and php is not needed anymore?

exactly the new cells is entirely with go, there is no more php required
but here’s what you need php-fpm php-intl php-gd php-dom php-curl you can use php7

Sorry, I got confused, do I need PHP or not? You said “no more php required”, and then “you need php-fpm …”.

depends on which cells version you are on, i just gave you the php requirements in the case that you were on an older version.

Otherwise if you are on the latest version of cells No more PHP required at all

Sorry i should have phrased that better.