Existing Files - Prompt User setting not working

I’ve set the existing files setting to prompt the user. Rather than prompt it over writes the duplicate file. How do I fix this?

Any help/insight/advice is appreciated.



Hello @jay,

First I need to know on which Pydio version you are?

If I understood you have put a watch on a file and would like to receive a notification if a user Copies to file?

Hi Zayn,
I am running v 8.2.5

What I’m looking for is for the following to happen:
- User uploads a file to a workspace
- At some other point the user uploads the same file to a workspace
- An alert would pop up with a "hey, we already have this file - would you like to overwrite, use a different name or not upload the file?

I though that this was controlled by the Existing Files - Alert parameter under workspaces parameters in the Roles admin page but I’m not seeing any change regardless of what I choose for that parameter.

Please let me know if you need further info.

Thank-you very much for your prompt response.


if you wish to have to control the behaviour of that you can ask the users to look at the Uploader options,

I’m not seeing that screen anywhere. Is this a desktop uploader app? Right now I have the users using the default HTML loader to keep things simple for them.

Is there a way to force prompting with using the native “drag and drop onto the window” functionality?