Disable Zip on MultiFile

Hi there, I have searched and I can’t find much on this. For Pydio Cells, is there any way to disable downloading as zip for multi-file downloads? We have a need to where we just want to download multiple files as separate downloads.

Hello @ryryITguy,
this is not possible at the moment, I will create a ticket for the devs to see if they can implement an option.

Hi there, I’m curious if there is now an option to not download files as a zip?

Hello @ryryITguy

this feature is still in the backlog and has not made it to any sprint… and TBH not sure it will hapen any time soon.

But what is your user story? is it only that you want to spare your user the 2 more clicks to uncompress after dowload or do you have a real usecase that is blocked by the zip?

In such case, if you give more details, we might be able to give you hints to find a workaround.