Disable widgets for the guest user

We are setting up a new Pydio server and one of our main use cases is for the read-only guest user, for whom shortcuts to file upload etc. are irrelevant and potentially confusing noise.

How can I permanently hide the widgets on the right-hand side of the main screen for this user?

actually there is no parameter that enables you to hide them, only the users have the ability to delete them manually.

Thanks for the response.

That is an annoying limitation – most of them serve no purpose for the guest user whatsoever, but if I try to remove them when visiting as a guest user, they just come back.

Any chance there’s a particular permission that controls the ability to permanently remove them? Could I (temporarily) give the guest user that permission to whack the widgets?

yes the issue is that guest users are temporary so it will not be remain, as for the ability to remove them unfortunately there is no parameter.