Curl and the Pydio API, upload to blind drop (write only upload, File System Standard Workspace)

Pydio 8.0.2 on CentOS7.

Trying and failing to curl a file to a Pydio anonymous write only workspace. I can curl a file to an authenticated workspace.

This works:
curl --upload-file redhat-photo.jpg --user “bob:topsecret” --header “X-File-Name:redhat-photo.jpg” > /dev/null

Problem: If I have a write only upload workspace in Pydio with the following URL that accepts anonymous uploads. What path do I use in my curl statement?

Thanks very much for any thoughts.

To clarify attempting to curl upload via the Pydio REST API fails to upload to an otherwise functioning anonymous write only workspace.

Does anyone have any ideas on ways to upload from a command line to an anonymous write only workspace?

This does not work:
curl --upload-file redhat-photo.jpg --header “X-File-Name:redhat-photo.jpg” / > /dev/null

Nor does this work:
curl --upload-file redhat-photo.jpg --header “X-File-Name:redhat-photo.jpg” > /dev/null