Creating Sharing Links with API

Hello i want to create a Sharing Script with PydioApi.

This is Working but how can i set a Password, Time Expired, Download Counter, and so on…?
The Documentation did not say anything about this,


  • /workspace_alias/share/simple_share_type/file+
    Main action for sharing a file or a folder


  • /workspace_alias/load_shared_element_data/file+
    Loads all current sharing data for a given resource. Workspace must support metadata management (metastore).


  • /workspace_alias/unshare/file+
    Stop sharing a folder, or remove a public link from a file.
  • /workspace_alias/toggle_link_watch/file+
    Toggle a shared element status for being watched or not.
  • /workspace_alias/reset_counter/file+
    Reset download counter for a given link generated on a file.
  • /workspace_alias/sharelist-clearExpired/
    Clear expired links

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For my PS Script i use…