Cells Zip Install

Where can I find the .ZIP archive of cells to upload via FTP to my server?

Hello @umbyology,

You can find all of our binary, zip of cells here https://download.pydio.com/pub/cells/release/2.0.5/
you also have the download buttons here https://pydio.com/en/download (they point to the same location)

Tried those options. No Good. When I extract .ZIP I don’t get files and folders. All I get is some “Cells” Unix Exe file and a License text file.

I am looking for actual files and folders to FTP to site and run a web install under my domain. Think Wordpress, Joomla style setup. Not looking for CLI.

Hello @umbyology

If you are working on windows you have to extract the Cells.exe file to a folder (lets say C:\cells ) and follow the instructions available at https://pydio.com/en/docs/cells/v1/installation-guides
Please take in consideration the building and populating cells database might take quite a while. Do not rush and assume the the process should be finished quickly.