CELLS_MINIO_ALLOW_CROSSMOUNT: Is there a more stable "best practice"?

Hi, I have been using Pydio Cells with docker volumes as datastores for a little while. This is now supported officially with the CELLS_MINIO_ALLOW_CROSSMOUNT flag, but is discouraged due to the elevated chance of data corruption.
Because of this, I’d like to know if there is a different way to share data from a dockerized Cells instance with other dockerized services, such as Syncthing and Photoprism.

Currently I am using podman volumes and mounting them into each container, like so for Cells:

-v synced:/var/cells/data/synced:z \
-v photos:/var/cells/data/photos:z \
-v pub:/var/cells/data/pub:z \
-v wp-etc:/var/cells/data/wp-etc:z \
-v zettel:/var/cells/data/zettel:z \

Given that cells-sync doesn’t seem to have any good way to run on Android, I need Syncthing to keep files backed up consistently to my Cells instance. I then have Photoprism as a frontend to better access years’ worth of photos that are also backed up to Cells, and Zettel which uses WebDAV to sync.
If it is not good to use crossmounts on a production instance of Cells, then how can I keep these docker services working with each other without using them?


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