Can't log after 2.0.2 Cells update

I all,

I have a pydio server installed through cells 2.0.1 which were working fine since last 2 days. After a reminder, I installed cells 2.0.2 through the UI interface.

Since this update, I can’t log on anymore. I get an error message:
“Could not unmarshall response with status 502: 502 bad gatway error cause: json: could not unmarshall number into Go value of type map[string]interface {}”

Here is what I can see in logs (cells.log) when I try to connect to the interface:
2020-01-17T17:15:08.860-0500 ERROR Got a 502 when contacting gateway - maybe it is currently restarting, wait for 11s and retry once
2020-01-17T17:15:19.941-0500 ERROR Rest Error 401 {“error”: “could not unmarshall response with status 502: 502 Bad Gateway\nerror cause: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go value of type map[string]interface {}”}

Not sure it could help (from caddy_errors.log):
17/Jan/2020:17:46:07 -0500 [ERROR 502 /auth/dex/.well-known/openid-configuration] dial tcp: lookup PENDING on no such host

I have try a lot’s of thing, but I can’t understand what’s wrong…

Can someone help me on this topics ?



Hello @fafa31,

Could you post me a log (50 lines) with the error included I would like to take a look at the entire scenario.
Also could you answer the following:

  • is Cells running in a container?
  • your OS
  • Database version
  • are you using a reverse proxy?

Hi Zayn,

I think I have found the solution yesterday: there were an apache session configure during the server installation and which were stopped during pydio install and that I forget to disable.

After reboot of the server, pydio can’t use the port 80 which were used by apache.