Can't delete users from team


when we try to delete a user from a team, a message box popup to validate and when we do so, nothing happens.
We can see in the debug console of firefox the following message when we validate:
“_TeamCreationForm2.default.updateTeamUsers is not a function”

We try to do all this through the addressbook.

We use the latest version (8.2.1).

Is there another way to delete an user from a team ?


Can you do this action in Chrome ?


We tried with Chrome, Firefox & IE, with exactly the same result.

The difference is we have no error with chrome in the console.

Also there is no network activity when we validate the user’s deletion from the team (there is still an index.php that is requested periodically).


I tried to debug the deletion in chrome and found that there is something wrong with a _TeamCreationForm2 object.

As in firefox, there is a method, updateTeamUsers, that’s called to deleted the user’s membership, and that is not defined.

Any help would be appreciate.