Automatic Shared Workspace according to table-column value

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I have searched a lot for all the possible “File Manager” solutions… but Pydio is the best of all. There is only one thing that I can’t achieve.

As you know, it is possible to use an external table for the login (column “ID” and column password). I would like to add and use another column called “department”, so that every member will have the following workspaces:

  • My Files
  • Shared Files

I have read all the documentation, etc… but I found nothing… only this:

Despite this, it is impossible for me to do what I’d like to. Here is the explanation of the situation:
I have a table with column username/department/password. I would like that all the members with the same department (an ID number) can read/write a dedicated workspace.

Is it possible to do this automatically? how?

I have a similar setup LDAP auth. I create a Group and Workspace in Pydio for each “department” with only privileges to their groups folders. My folder/workspace structure is
Cloud Drive
— Dept 1
— Dept 2

I also have a “master” group with full privileges on “Cloud Drive” allowing them access to their own folders and the departments. Works like a charm.

I am not sure your external table setup but in my SQL database we have fields user, pass, grouppath (dept). When the user logs in, it checks their grouppath, and the folders that group has access to are automatically assigned.

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actually it is something similar… but I would like the workspace/folder to be created automatically… :slight_smile:

you cannot create a workspace automatically but what you can do is create a workspace and a role that only has access to this workspace and attribute the role automatically to every user that is from your external DB.

That would be perfect, how to to that? :slight_smile:

and actually, isn’t it possible to create a workspace as the personal one? Let me explain…
basically the personal one is a single workspace that “opens” a directory according to your ID. So the address of the workspaces is /{ID} - and this means that even if the name is always the same, actually it opens different directories…

yeah absolutely it’s possible to have a single workspace that opens folder only according the your ID and it would look exactly as you said workspace/“ID”.

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Perfect. what I need instead, is the same situation, but instead of referring to the ID, to refer to another column value in my database.

Maybe try to look here’s-homedirectory-pydio
Or here