WebDAV access seems deny from all (Method Not Allowed)

I try to use webdav and get allways ‘Method Not Allowed’
It occurre on my server (docker, http, CELLS_NO_TLS=1)
and on the demo-server:

Pydio Cells Home Edition 2.1.6

You should describe what client you’re using.

See also [webdav] Gnome gvfs/goa DAV mount and final slash which is open and may be related to your problem.

Thanks for reference
Ьy client ist windows 10.
I tried it again, with WinSCP it works fine over WebDAV protocol (ssl and none ssl).
But in broxser (Firefox, Crome, Egge, Brave) I get ‘Method Not Allowed’

Edit: now more tests with windows explorer:
it works well and I can access files with: https://demo.pydio.com/dav/common-files
but not with https://demo.pydio.com/dav
I can log in, but I see no data (sould shown at least ‘common-files’ and ‘personal-files’). It seems the discovery service in root of dav disabled.
In pydio 8 ther is related setting (allow discovering), but in pydio-cells I c’nt find this option.

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