Version 2.2.3 learning more best practices with questions

Good Day Pydio,
Your new version 2.2.3 is excellent. Oh …The indexing… Surperb!

Questions by an intermediate linux user:
I currently start the pydio server manually at boot up. ( havent added it to auto start yet)

question on logging and on memory/filedescriptor.

  1. In the interface, after successful startup, the admin console notes that I do not have logging turned on.
    I currently use this simple string in terminal to start server. ./cells start
    Q: is there a string I need to add on to this to turn on logging?

  2. when starting the server in terminal, a warning appears at the beginning regarding memory.
    It says
    WARNING: File descriptor limit 1024 is too low for running Pydio Cells Home Edition in production. At least 8192 is recommended. Fix with “ulimit -n 8192”

Q: How do I do that specifically?

  1. What is best practice to shutdown pydio server? At the moment, using terminal, my only option would be to end the window, thereby killing the process harshly. Is this OK? Is there a better way? more gentle way? Proper way? to accomplish this task?

Thanks again for the great software. If you had a single user license, I would BUY IT!!!

Jason McCullar

Hi there,

Thanks very much, we’re trying hard !! :slight_smile:

  1. Logging in the admin screens will only appear in mode production. You need to add --log production to the command line
  2. on linux you just need to run the command ulimit -n 8192 before starting cells (for each bash session). If you use a service manager you can set it in the config, For systemd it is the LimitNoFile setting.
  3. A SIGINT signal is the best way, so basically ctrl-C. If you haven’t done so, then you should consider running it as a service, it 'll make your life easier => Running Cells as a service with Systemd | Pydio