Setting encryption on a datasource

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I would like to enable data source encryption on a data source currently holding data, which is not encrypted (~30GB).
If I understand correctly, the current data will not be encrypted, but will remain available?
Any data uploaded via the web interface will be stored encrypted using random key, random key are stored encrypted with the master key (which is stored in the docker key ring - I am using a docker for pydio).
What happens if I change the encryption key? All previously encrypted data is “lost”?
What If I later decide to disable encryption? Encrypted data will be decrypted?

We also use ftp + resync to upload big files to the pydiocell server. How does this work with encryption?

What version of Cells are you using?

Pydio-Cells Home 4.3.0

This for sure won’t work. FTP + reync is a kind of “hack” that short-cuts Cells layers.
but you can try with the cec or else to upload your big files in a “supported” way.
Let us know if it is a blocker and we can then have a look at your other questions


ftp is the only reliable solution I have found to have people upload 5+ GB files to cells.

If these files remain not encrypted, this is not an issue for me, as long as we can use the web interface to share them.


?? no answers to my other questions??

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