Object Service doesn't work

This is what happens. The port that is assigned for this service doesn’t show when looking at ss -ln

That’s a nice one. Maybe the shortest post of all times :trophy:

Would you please mind to give a little bit more context so that someone can understand your problem and try to help you?


Hopefully you aren’t actually a representative of the org.

I have discovered what the issue is relating to. I believe it might be related to this issue: https://github.com/minio/minio/issues/5080
And this post has some useful information Accessing NFS Share

Since I am running Cells in an LXD container, I have mounted my NFS share from the LXD host to the container. The share already has directories and files in it, so if I mount it prior to adding the Datasource it fails to create the required pydio.grpc.data.objects.local2 service correctly and does not function.

If I add the Datasource prior to mounting the NFS share into the LXD container it works fine. I am currently running a resync on the Datastore and it appears to be working.

This has to be a bug. Why can you mount the share when there are no further directories on the share but not if there are?