Limited space for users

Hello !
Just I install Pydio on a Windows Server 2016 and i will used them for make a private cloud for my friends.
I want to set a limit of space (ex: 100GB for User1) to use, how i can make it?

Thanks !

Hi @Radu_Daniel_Neagu and welcome in the forum.

There is a feature in the Enterprise Distribution to fix a quota by user on workspaces.
You cannot yet set this in the home edition, you will have to rely on the trust you have in your friends :slight_smile:

Anyway, happy file sharing!

Thank you Bro !

I have another question.
I set for my files Directory D:/ (it’s 2 hard disk ~600gb/hdd, with raid, now have 1 TB).If i want, in future to extend this space, how i can do this ?
May be, in the future, i want to add about 4-5 TB Space from 4 hard disks. I can make an option and i will extend the initial space?

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