Error without error message at synchronise data (Windows XP Client)

Hello Community,

my setup looks like this:
Client OS: Windows XP 2014
Client version: Pydio 0.8.4 (Pydio-0.8.4-Windows)
Pydio Server OS: I don’t know (Linux or Windows)
Pydio Server version: Pydio 8

The connection from the client to the server was established correctly (here there were
to start with a few problems that could be fixed).
Everything was also set up correctly (tried with another
Windows 7 and Windows 10 Client).
The client on the XP wants to send data and returns a “successfully completed”.
but no data arrives in the cloud.

Thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely

Hi and welcome,
just to be sure about the issue could you,
show me the error message and then could you try with the latest release of the sync client.

You can find it in our public repository:

Hello zayn,
The problem is that there is no error message. There is even the message “successfully sent” (or something like that).
I can’t currently test the latest version of the Pydio client, but when I get back to the device, I can try it.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

when you have access could you look this folder C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Pydioand check if there is a pydio.log file.