Dumb qestion about xampp & pydio

Hopefully, i don’t look stupid but here it goes lol…

I need to be able to use pydio on my mobile devices. I installed pydio so I could have a secure cloud storage option. Once I power down my computer obviously pydio stops working on the app and the web browser. I’m assuming it’s because the web server gets shut down (xampp). I cannot keep my computer on all the time so maybe with your knowledge and expertise, we can work to find a solution so I can use pydio when my computer is powered down. Probably sounds like a silly question but I really need this to work out :smiley:


Hi -Z, as you noted, obviously it cannot run when your computer is off. The one-and-only solution is to rent a server somewhere (Amazon EC2, OVH, u-name-it) and install Pydio there.