Download Folder as ZIP with Special characters (Umlaut)


we’re experiencing issues when downloading a folder as a zip. Any files and folders with special characters such as “Umlauts” etc (äöüß) do not appear correctly.
ä -> ├ñ
ü -> ├╝
ß -> ├ƒ

Currently installed version 8.0.1. Similar to this thread here

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi, did you try to change the charset in the configuration ? Look for Zip Encoding in the application main options

@charles, thanks for your reply. I’ve set it to “UTF-8” - no improvement. Do you have any other suggestions?

can you try ISO-8859-1 instead?

@charles, thanks for the suggestion. It’s a bit better now as in … Umlauts are being translated to single characters, but they’re still wrong:

ä -> õ
ü -> ³
ß -> ▀

Any other suggestion for the correct encoding parameter?

can you try CP1250 or CP437 ?

@charles, you’re a genius - CP437 works! Thanks for your help!

So what’s the explanation for this behaviour?

the explanation is google : :slight_smile: