Deleted folder/file still accessible via share link or cell (dev HEAD)


if a user deletes an object (folder, file, link) that is shared (external and/or cell), the object is placed into the workspaces recycle bin and sharing can not be edited while there. However, the object is still available via the share link or as cell, which should not be the case. When deleting an object, a share or cell associated with this object should be made inaccessible (suspended at least).

thank you for your feedback,
this is a behavior that we are working on, one way to completely disable the link is to empty the recycle bin.

Hi Zayn,

is there (currently) a way to disable the use of the recycle bin, so objects get deleted right away ? My suggestion would be to have both implemented

  • suspend sharing (external and cells) when an object is marked for deletion (aka is moved to the bin)
  • provide a configuration option to allow the recycle bin to be disabled

Anyway, thanks for caring :slight_smile:

for this one, we are working a on it.

i’ll ask if there is a way to do that (maybe editing the config file)