Audit.log improvement / datasource creation on new workspace

Hello !

I’m currently in 1.2.0 enterprise edition.
I see that when deleting a file in a workspace, there’s no event in the audit.log file.
In the cells.log, I see a deleteNode event, but with no login, so we can’t know who has done the action.

=> can we have an event in the audit.log file when deleting (or putting into recycle_bin) a file, which will also record the login (like Modify or retrieve actions).
My company couldn’t use pydio in production without this feature.

The second topic is less important : could we have a feature to create the corresponding datasource when creating a workspace. In pydiov8, we were able to create directories on servers when creating workspaces, it was very convenient.



you can actually display them if your logs are on production mod,
but they are indeed not in the audit log i will inquire the devs about this.

to display them start cells with this tag, --log=production for instance ./cells-enterprise start --log=production

and on deletion you should have the following with the username on your terminal or your cells.log(or otherfile if you choose so and if you redirected the logs inside the file).

I will also tell the devs about this one too.

Hi Zayn,
So It’s not equivalent to put Environment=PYDIO_LOGS_LEVEL=production in the /etc/systemd/system/cells.service file ?
Nevertheless, I confirm that it fixes my problem.

yes you can also set the Env variable if you are using systemd it will work aswell.