Audio Player/Sound Manager is not working right

I just did a fresh install of Pydio 8 via the deb/apt repository and Ubuntu 16.04. This problem so far is on Chrome 64.0.3282.186 on MacOS 10.13.3 and in Chrome on Android. I briefly tested with Firefox and it was worse.

In the browser you can play individual files with the play icons. However on Android it will bring up the player with all the tracks.

This player won’t allow you to stop or pause the track. You also can’t switch tracks. And if you try to close it, it will continue to play. There is a mini icon at the bottom that gives you some control. Or you can switch tracks in the player and hit play via the mini-icon.

Here is the link to see what I am talking about with my installation.

Any suggestions?

yes i’ve just clicked on your link and had the same issue( cannot pause ) i will do some testing, and tell you if i find a fix.

Thank you for taking a look. If you open them up in the player, you can’t switch tracks either.

Has there been any word on this for a fix? I just did a full update and the problem still exists.


I am having the same issue, I just migrated to pydio 8 on a new server with debian 9 and the same issue exists from the system we migrated from. with pydio 7 on debian 8.

The audio player doesnt work at all in some web browsers and works differently on different browsers and it doesnt work completely correctly in any browser.

The older player at least played the audio and would let you jump ahead in playback and change tracks but the new player is really messed up.

I use pydio exclusively for musicians and they must be able to listen to their songs.

Can we put the old player back in? Or is there someone who can look at this issue and resolve it? I will be happy to work with them.


Hi guys, no worries, we’ll work on this on the next batch - should be released very soon.

Also may be a good time to give PydioCells 1.2 a try ?

Yeah I will give PydioCells a shot. I didn’t see the release notice.