Server closed the stream without sending trailers

The pydio cells client works great on my phone but when I want to try it on my laptop.
I get the following error message:

server closed the stream without sending trailers

I use manjaro on my laptop.

Hello @buddyspencer,

Could you take a look at the log file and show me the content (make sure to hide your personal info).

The logs can be found under your user /home/user/.config/pydio/cells-sync/logs.


thanks for the response. My log can be found at:

it was my fault. I forgot to add the port in my docker-compose.yml.

Hi @buddyspencer,

I get the same error in my logs. Would you mind letting me know what port you added in docker-compose.yml?

This is the Docker command I use and I still get this.

docker run --name cells-sync -p 3636:3636 cells-sync:0.9.1