Weird bug on counter add/remove

pydio : 8.2.1

When I try to make a public link, I noticed this weird behavior

The counter will keep going up or down if after clicking the button, I leave the cursor on the button

i tried to reproduce your bug on google chrome, mac os high sierra but i couldn’t,
could you try to clear your browser cache and also try with another browser to see if it’s related.

It would be wonderful if you could give details about your os, browser, version.

I am also facing these bugs in hp printer support
Why is this showing up suddenly ??? Is it because of the new SSL certificate ???

Windows 10 1803
Chrome 69.0.3497.92

Anyway, it may have been about cookie. I haven’t restarted my laptop since several days before I made the report. I don’t know whether a windows update 3 days ago or chrome update fixes it as it’s now gone.

This issue should be marked as closed now, sorry