Too much load on Desktop client

  • Client OS : mac
  • Client version: PydioSync v2.2.0 - Build 57d5421535b04458f3417f24856398ff834d130e (release) - January 10 2019
  • Pydio Server OS and version: Ubuntu bionic 18.04.2; Pydio Sync 8.2.3
  • No connection or sync issue. performance

is literally unusable on old MacBooks (5,2; 8,3) with 2009 and 2011 models. Even the latest 2018 model MBP ist experiencing heavy load cycles. For the old models that’s really and issue and the fans will start to spin as the CPUs heat up. For the new models its “ok”, besides the power usage and load cycles.

Here a screenshot from Intel power gadget while PydioSync client is running.

Any way to fix/improve this?

After quitting the Application, spot the difference? :slight_smile:

Hello @mcr-ksh,

Could it be that it’s doing a really big synchronization?
does it stay loaded for a long period?

define really big? 20G over 9234 files.