SMB: Cannot find repository with this id!

I am running 8.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04. When I a user attempts to download a folder or to compress a folder in place, the action fails and Pydio presents an error as follows:

06-27-18 09:22:16 INFO username access.smb Download files=hamilton-uploads/Consumables
06-27-18 09:22:19 ERROR username MetaStreamWrapper.php error l.257 message=Cannot find repository with this id!

Downloading and compressing folders works as expected on local filesystems. On SMB shares, other files activities (creating, uploading, deleting) work without issue.

I appreciate any assistance offered.


this error is weird, could you get a look at where the folder is located and see if it has the correct rights.

If possible i would like to see a ls -l and a workspace settings screen capture of this SMB.