Pydio 8 on Ubuntu 16

Hi there,
I successfully installed Pydio 8 on Ubuntu Server 16.04 (on HyperV) without doing particular configurations on the operating system, just followed standard installation.
This will have to serve about 130 people in a local environment. Do I need to do some kind of configuration to manage correctly all the connections or nothing else is needed? What kind of hardware is suggested?

for the network connections as long as you have the ports used to access pydio via the web browser opened(usually 80, 443) it should be good.

As for the hardware requirements

  • CPU: mini 2 core with a frequency of 2GHZ (for a simple usage)
    now for your usage with 130 people i would say at least 4 cores would be good,
  • RAM: 2go ram minimum
    but for your usage i would advise at least 4go ram.

Thanks for your help