Metadata: extensible tags improvements: base items & colors

metadata is a very bright point of Pydio significantly better compared to all other software out there.
Providing extensibility to the metadata system is really a game changer.

IMHO the select list could be greatly improved by providing multi-select.

  • Multi-select has the benefit of being a predetermined finite list (like “select”).
  • But being “multiple” it has the benefit of the “extensible tag” namespace.

On top of that, colors (or even icons, or event font-style) could be extended to all metadata, including a multi-select namespace.

Instead of creating yet another type of namespace, the current “extensible tag” could be improved:

  • By allowing admin to provide a list of pre-existing items.
  • By allowing extra data to terms (color, icon, font-style)
  • And showing these in the auto-completion

Hello @drzraf,

Thank you for your support,
feel free to open a feature request on github .