How come you are pusshing pydio cells when it's not finnished?


How come you are pushing pydio cells when it’s not ready for sync and all the other things that are no longer ready yet?

Sync client is not working with cells yet and this is worrying, will the be a some what working release of that soon? Is Pydio cells ready for the new sync client or will there ever be a sync client for pydio cells?

I think you will have to make a statement of this publicly so people don’t get their hopes up too much and are relying on sync and installing cells and expect everything to work. and also don’t push cells so hard when some of the best features of pydio is not working with cells.


I was thinking that the desktop applications have at least been updated recently (maybe as an attempt to hopefully allow syncing), but then I realized that the last update, at least on the website, was almost 2.5 years ago.

@devs, if you need more support for developing the software, testing, etc, then reach out to the community. You have a good product, but your development is way too slow. There are errors and a lack of information in your docs, there’s issues with the installation, then there’s the major issue of being able to sync files on your phone / computer with Cells (kind of the whole point of a cloud storage software). I’d be more than happy to help in testing or development, but you the devs need to provide more than “we’re working on it”, which is what you’ve been saying.


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Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for your messages. Considering Pydio Cells “not finished” seems a bit unfair to me. Using Cells as a collaboration tool for sharing documents in an organisation is a perfect match, and in fact many of our open source users as well as paying customers are super happy with that. It’s waaay smoother and much more reliable than Pydio 8. I’ve been doing open source for years now, and I am used to the standard “this is not a working project” messages, whereas tons of people all around the world use it everyday in production :wink: . It may just not fit the needs at a given point.

Also, all the codes (server and desktop client) are on Github, and we’ve put great effort in updating the admin and developer docs for Cells on the website. There’s already a lot of material for starting digging and contributing. But I totally agree that we do have to put more effort in talking to the community and being more transparent on the roadmap. Looking at other open source projects, what I am thinking of is writing some “help wanted” tickets with very defined user stories and even prototypes to have people step in on a small feature without having to understand the whole platform. Publishing the roadmap is must-do as well. Any suggestions are very welcome on that topic.

Now, regarding the sync, moving the whole application away from PHP was driven (among other reasons) by the fact that we were not happy with the quality Pydio 8 and its sync. Connecting tons of sync clients to a cloud storage application drastically raises the load on the server and php was not good at that, at all. Not to speak of the fact that syncing shared workspaces could lead to users to do wrong manipulations and eventually break some data.

This rewrite project was, as any software project, bigger than we expected. And we want to be 100% sure of how the application is behaving under the hood before reconnecting the PydioSync client to it (typically not publishing something “unfinished”). Still, it is definitely in the short-term roadmap to make PydioSync work with Cells, but it may still take some time. I would say we need 4 to 6 months to make sure we publish something really reliable. But maybe a bit less or maybe a bit more, that the life of IT projects (thus the "we’re working on it answers…). We will probably try to add some inherent limitations to avoid problematic use cases, e.g. allow sync only on the “Personal Files” workspaces or only in a uni-directional manner for shared ones, to avoid having people complain because they erased something.

Finally, another subject we are looking at is providing a “virtual drive” tool instead of a pure sync, to see the files appear in your OS without necessarily downloading the whole data locally, and selectively sync them as needed. We feel it is an important trend nowadays, where people have small laptops and do not want to sync Teras of data locally.

Anyway, I’ll be happy to continue the discussion if you wish to, or to have you on-board as contributors.

Best regards


That was a great read, and i agree on having the roadmap more open to make the community notice it a bit more. I have been using sync with about 40 (current syncing devices) in Pydio 8, i have had some minor issues but also i have done all the connections making sure they only sync to their Personal files or within that folder. Most of my sync clients are syncing one folder within their Personal files with an /sync folder with all of their most important files. And as you said, i think it would be a great idea to have a “virtual drive” as a option, the current sync client have been working like a charm for me, running mostly on Windows. but also some mac’s and some Linux servers even. i’s been under some heavy testing in my setup and i have only had some minor issues, some which have gotten solved by reinstalling Pydio directly on top of the old Pydio install, when the the new “fresh” install is done, all sync client’s directly reconnect with no further issues and all their files in place. which is a great “feature” ^^ not sure if that was counted for or if that might be an issue, never the less it does how ever work that way. Of course backups are made beforehand and most of the times i don’t even have to push the backup back since all files and the database is already connected to begin with. I have been using Pydio “Ajaxplore” since i got my first LG Nas back in 2008 and were amazed of how easy it was to manage files on my server and i googled it and downloaded the full package and just freshly installed the updated package without any issues. so i have been using Pydio and Ajaxplore for a long time now and can’t get out of it ^^

Soon i will migrate my current Windows server over to two newer Linux servers and hopefully the migration will go fine, im also looking for a way of syncronizing these servers so tranfers don’t have to happen two times for clients. this is to secure the redundancy and the servers have the exact same hardware.


Hi again, thanks for your answer
So basically

  • Stick to p8 for the moment if you rely heavily on sync
  • I’ll definitely ping you when it’s time to test sync on Cells :slight_smile:
    Maybe we should basically have a developers/testers mailing for people like you


Yea ill be more than willing to comply with testing if i could provide you with some useful information and proper logs, and maybe even push some fixes if easy enough.

I did install cells successfully no issues at all maybe 3 months ago and i know there have been a lot if updates since then, but at the time installing i noticed sync with cells was a no go since i got alot of syncing going on ^^

But i heavily like the idea of selective sync from a virtual drive, that would make some of the work way more easy for some of my users with laptops and small SSD’s, at the time being they mainly download and upload what they need from my Pydio web access.

Do you have a road map for the time being?
I could strongly recommend providing free service for starters, you can also publish the road map locked in public view, change colors of parts that might be complete or that are in the works but also ideas for people to vote. basically provide a lot of user input of what features are the most important for all of your users.

You can see an example of this for Wolcen here:

It’s easy enough to see whats going on, so less posts about features not working yet or features that are excluded. They simply got a link to it on their website so people know.

Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile:


I’m sorry about being so harsh, but the reply you gave is exactly what I was looking for. As an engineer, this is what I like to see. See, the dilema is that while Pydio 8 works fine and has the ability to use sync (heavily needed for my type of operations, where I might do coding on one PC and then continue on a laptop later), going that route with Cells in development isn’t what I want to do. Collaboration is nice for some of my startup and business ventures, but syncing that data is important as well. Cells is a lot cleaner, and I really love the implementation of it, based on looking at it from the server’s perspective.

Where Cells is the new product that you want to promote, you certainly want to share the roadmap as well as a list of ongoing features / items being worked on. Like @mattish.91 said above, Trello is a good option, but simply adding it to your site through your CMS would be suitable if set up correctly.

As I said, I really like Pydio, especially how Cells is set up (obviously, more features will follow with time), as compared to the other storage software options. I’ve had issues with one of the main competitors with syncing. But in an effort to get away from Google, DropBox, etc for mail, storage, and other services for my own personal ventures and for local businesses, this software here helps.

I’ve seen posts for jobs with Pydio, though I unfortunately do not live in France. However, I am more than willing to jump aboard to try to work with whomever and wherever I can to help. There’s plenty of suggestions to be made, but some insight to some of those items may be answered by actions unseen.


Regarding a direct discussion channel with “involved developers/contributors/power-users” (not just people that post once a year a basic “help me with config” in the forum), at one point for some of our beta’s we had set up a Slack channel. What would you think of that? Wouldn’t it be more modern than a mailing-list ? That way we coud have dedicated discussions, beta sessions when releasing important features, etc…


I agree, great conversation, and Charles it’s really good to see you guys embracing devs and testers.

A Slack channel would be excellent; Traefik uses this for their in-depth testing / troubleshooting / dev questions, and it works really well.



Yea, Slack is a great way of communication, im all up for it, that would most definitely do the job.


People like Telegram as a discussion channel, but the functionality of it is limited. Certainly, the API is somewhat useful (I’m unsure of Slack’s as I’ve never used it). However, Slack would be a much better way of organizing discussion for any matter like this.