How can i grant access to Activity Log view?

Dear all, i’d like to enable a user / group to view the “Logs & other Data > Logs” menu entry in the navigation. Currently this seems only visible for the superadmin. Checking the online documentation did not help.

Pydio 8.2

Any help greatly appreciated!


In pydio 8, unfortunately, there is no option to grant access to activities log for non-admin user.

Thank you very much, but the role of the user is Admin, still the Log menu items on the left are not visible to her.

How can log view be activated for “normal” Admins (not Superadmins, i think there is something like that but i cant set the role).


User admin is set by “profile” not by “role”.
There are two kind of admin: global admin and group admin (admin but inside a group). Group admin has only right to manage workspaces, users inside the group where he is located.

Thank you! We moved the user from within a group to root level and now the logs are accessible.