Cells-sync only works on ubuntu?

Hi all. I’ve just installed pydio cells via docker-compose, and had a quick play, and the core stuff is looking good. However cells-sync depends on libayatana-appindicator3.so.1, which appears to be a Ubuntu thing. It’s not available on Fedora, and I assume also not on Redhat, CentOS, etc. I tried building cells-sync, but immediately hit some very nasty looking errors. Are there any 3rd-party sync clients? It would be great to see eg support in rclone. Otherwise, are there plans to support other distros?

Hi @Dan

We did have two builds at one point, have to recheck that.
What kind of errors did you encounter while building?
Really nasty? Did you try something like

make dist CELLS_VERSION=0.9.4