Cells crashes while uploading files

Hi. I had an issue of uploads failing when uploading amounts of small files (not a lot, 1000-2000 files with average size of 500kB). I noticed Cells crashing with internal goroutine errors. Error log can be found here: cells.err.txt - Google Drive

Cells version: 4.0.2
Storage type: Local file system
Deployment type: Docker, single node

Hi @giesmininkas that one is not easy to reproduce. I pushed a change to try to fix this map read/write issue, could you kindly update your binary with the latest dev build (Index of /pub/cells/dev/linux-amd64) and see if this happens again?

Is the fix included with v4.0.3 too? If not, how could I get a docker image with the changes?
v4.0.3 is failing with the same errors.

hi, fix included but not sufficient, I triggered the error as well. Working on it.

Hi. Any update on the progress? I saw v4.0.4 released. Should I test this case again?

Hi, yes please test on 4.0.4, it should be fixed now.

Hi. I’ll try it out issues from New folder does not appear after creating - #13 by giesmininkas are fixed. It poses a problem when uploaded files cannot be deleted and uploading multiple folders consistently fail…

It seems to be working. Thank you.