AWS S3 Driver issue - can't Create Folder, or upload small files

I have installed a new version of Pydio, then added a Workplace using the S3 AWS Driver, to point to an AWS S3 Bucket. I used an IAM role with full EC2Admin permissions.

The S3 Driver has an issue when I try:

  • New, New Folder - Access Denied error
  • New, New empty file - Works
  • Upload, Pick Folder, small folder or file (eg. 1kb) - Access Denied error
  • Upload Pick Folder, folder with large files (eg. 30mb) - Works

Here is the error that pops up:
StreamWrapper.php error l.746 message=Error executing “PutObject” on “”; AWS HTTP error: Client error response [url] [status code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden AccessDenied (client): Access Denied - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> AccessDeniedAccess Denied08B29A4CA12ECUHHDavg9JkH9n1c0GVy6fSFCpnNiFI9wCwP864KtxbuaaprcW+rLhEwDynVFKwg/GdvI=

Ubuntu 18.04
Pydio 8.2.3 2019-03-12
Apache 2.4.29
Php 7.2

Hello @martinw,

Could you tell me which fields you filled(in the workspace settings) and with which information (make sure to hide your Secret and Key).

Hi Zayn,

I just put in the minimum information, and left the rest as default.

Here is the information requested:
WorkSpace settings
General Options

  • Label: prd-pydio-test
  • Alias: prd-pydio-test
    Driver: S3 (Amazon Web Service)
  • Key: sldjfdskl
  • Secret Key: slkdjfsdklj
  • Region: South-East (Sydney)
  • Bucket: prd-pydio-test
  • Inner Path: /
  • The Rest: defaults