Application Core 404

I’m using docker-compose Pydio Cells behind a reverse proxy. Everything is working, login, upload, etc except some admin screens. I get 404.

This particular url for Application Core is giving 404. Can anyone help me troubleshoot what is wrong in my environment?

https:// www . mydomain . com/settings/parameters/core (404)
browser developer tools shows:
GET 404 https:// www . mydomain . com/a/config/frontend%2Fplugin%2Fcore.pydio

https:// www . mydomain . com/settings/data/workspaces (200)
GET 200 https:// www . mydomain . com/a/workspace

https:// www . mydomain . com/settings/admin/services (200)
GET 200 https:// www . mydomain . com/a/config/ctl

https:// www . mydomain . com/settings/data/datasources (200)
GET 200 https:// www .mydomain . com/a/config/datasource

It appears /a/config/frontend is the issue but I do not know how to troubleshoot.


could you give me your setup with the cells & reverse proxy parameters?

I am using Sophos XG firewall as the reverse proxy. It has Web Application Firewall built in and will terminate the SSL traffic and forward it to the docker container over http. There is one rule on / which enables websocket through.

Unrelated to this current 404 issue, I was having problems previewing pdf and jpg files within Pydio Cells. Sophos XG was logging four suspected vulnerabilities (false positive?) that I had to whitelist in order for the traffic to pass. These items were,
33087 FILE-PDF Foxit Reader remote query string buffer overflow attempt
26281 FILE-PDF Foxit Reader remote query string buffer overflow attempt
26283 FILE-PDF Foxit Reader remote query string buffer overflow attempt
3457 SERVER-WEBAPP TrackerCam overly long php parameter overflow attempt

There is nothing logged in Sophos XG that might explain why I am having trouble with the Application Core pages /a/config/frontend%2Fplugin%2Fcore.pydio so I am not sure what is so special about these.


In addition, I am NOT running this in my Pydio cells docker-compose. I am not sure if I am supposed to be running it.